MySQL and Non MySQL

I was wondering if you could add a non mysql adminsystem to a mysql server. I know it could work if you change it to the usual scriptfiles. But the scripter refuses to do so. He wants to keeps the stats in mysql. which means he wont be using the register/login system from the adminsystem. is this possible. or is there a way to convert a admin system to mysql

Do you mean an admin filterscript?

If that's the case, it is possible but then you have to save player files twice; one for your 'regular' stats and one for the admin system.

Another option is to save the admin rank in your regular stats and use that number in the filterscript.

However as you've got a scripter I'd recommend you to script a bunch of admin commands yourself.

You could take the stuff in the gamemode from MySQL and use PVars to get/set them sort of like a HashMap works in Java.

ok thanks ill try

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