About Crash

Hello, I'm using the plugin CrashDetect, because my server sometimes crashes and I want to see why is crashing.
Here is the plugin: https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=262796

I'm getting messages in server log file, but I can't understand why is crashing. Can someone help me where to find the error that crashes the server ?

Here are the messages that I'm getting:
[debug] Server crashed while executing gamemode.amx
[debug] AMX backtrace:
[debug] #0 native fwrite () from samp03svr
[debug] #1 000019d8 in ?? (6361336, 6180448, 3338432) from gamemode.amx
[debug] #2 00271690 in public PlayerSaveStats (136) from gamemode.amx
[debug] #3 0008f650 in public Itter_OnPlayerDisconnect (136, 0) from gamemode.amx
[debug] #4 00003c88 in public Streamer_OnPlayerDisconnect (136, 0) from gamemode.amx
[debug] #5 00002490 in public OnPlayerDisconnect (136, 0) from gamemode.amx

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