freeze command issues

So..after I freeze someone on my server, and unfreeze him, it seems that the player can't get in car anymore or it makes him lag

Here is the command :

// Freeze a player (he cannot move anymore)
COMMAND:freeze(playerid, params[])
	// Setup local variables
	new Msg[128], Name[24], AdminName[24], Reason[128], OtherPlayer, Duration;

	// Check if the player has logged in
	if (APlayerData[playerid][LoggedIn] == true)
		// Check if the player's admin-level is at least 1
		if (APlayerData[playerid][PlayerLevel] >= 1)
			if (sscanf(params, "uis[128]", OtherPlayer, Duration, Reason)) SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF0000AA, "Usage: \"/freeze <OtherPlayer> <Duration> <Reason>\"");
				// Check if the otherplayer is online
				if (IsPlayerConnected(OtherPlayer))
					// Get the player-names
					GetPlayerName(playerid, AdminName, sizeof(AdminName));
					GetPlayerName(OtherPlayer, Name, sizeof(Name));
					// Store the duration for the freeze, freeze him and start the frozentimer
					APlayerData[OtherPlayer][PlayerFrozen] = Duration;
					TogglePlayerControllable(OtherPlayer, 0);
					APlayerData[OtherPlayer][PlayerFrozenTimer] = SetTimerEx("Player_FreezeTimer", 1000, true, "i", OtherPlayer);
					// Let the other player know that he has been muted
					format(Msg, 128, "{FF0000}You have been frozen by {FFFF00}%s {FF0000}for {FFFF00}%s", AdminName, Reason);
					SendClientMessage(OtherPlayer, 0xFFFFFFFF, Msg);
					// Let the admin know who he has muted
					format(Msg, 128, "{00FF00}You have frozen {FFFF00}%s", Name);
					SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, Msg);
					// Save the player-stats
				    SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, "{FF0000}That player isn't online");
		    return 0;
	    return 0;

	// Let the server know that this was a valid command
	return 1;
I don't really know what to do since there are no errors or nothing, everything seems to be fine, even tho I don't have a /unfreeze command, I use /freeze command to unfreeze them but I set time to 0.

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