How to draw pictures on objects

Hello everyone. I saw on many videos people drawing stuff on objects using the SetObjectMaterialText function. I found something about webdings. But I still don't understand what are they and how to use them to make objects look cooler.


this plugin (its like an app !) use setobject matterial text
conver an image with this and check code

I already saw that. Even though it's cool but that is not what I need. I want to do something like this for example


Fire up "charmap.exe", set it to Webdings and find the symbol you need:

Take note of the char code at the bottom. Now go to this site and find the char code in the table:
In this case our char code is 9A so we pick column 9 and go down to A, which brings us to "љ". This is the character you'll have to input in your Pawn script to get the desired symbol for SetObjectMaterialText.

pawn Code:
SetObjectMaterialText(objectid, "љ", .fontface = "Webdings")
You will want to attach the object to the vehicle before setting the material, though. Use one of those planes that were added in 0.3e as a drawing board. If remember correctly, plane002 (model 19476) is a good size.

Thanks +repped.

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