Occasional "Stutter" When playing samp.

This problem only seems to exist when playing samp, not single player.

The issue I'm having is a bit strange. I get random "Freezes/stutters" for about half a second, then it returns to normal, and then happens ~20 seconds later. The game isn't unplayable, but it's a bit annoying when you're driving and/or shooting.

I'll list everything I've done to try and fix the issue:
* Clean reinstall.
* Antivirus put to gaming mode. (Also tried a new AV)
* Tried running the game in Windows 98/me compatibility mode.
* Tried running the game as an admin.
* Deleted .set file.
* Re-installed the whole game, twice.
* Deleted the entire GTA user files.
* Played on the very minimum settings, frame limiter off/on.
* Updating drivers.
* Cleaning computer. (Ccleaner/Advanced SystemCare Pro).
* Virus scans.
* Even re-installed windows 7 at one point.

As I've stated, this "Stuttering" only occurs when playing samp. I have a strong internet connection. I'm not sure what the issue is. I don't have the most powerful laptop in the world, but I'm damn well confident it can run this. I've also played more graphic intensive games. Ran fine at a solid frame rate. I have also read multiple threads on various websites with people having the exact same issue.

i have the same problem too on my xp so i just do /fpslimit 48 and it's smooth gameplay. i think this a problem on sa-mp client end. i'd also like to add that samp can't handle more than 50+ players :P

Are you experiencing this issue on multiple servers? It may be lagging on the server's end.

I experience it in 85% of the servers I play in. There's a few where I don't stutter that frequently, but it still does occur.

Had this happen on my laptop doing anything really. It would stutter just because its on the desktop sometimes.

I would try googling "laptop stuttering" if it's worth taking a look into.

doesnt happen to me and i play samp often with more than 50 players shooting and driving(well it is samp)

Going to bump this.

1. Before you do anything else, tell us your CPU speed.
2. After that, check your usage right now (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, look at the bottom of the window).
If it averages less than 50%, you should be fine to continue to the next step.
3. As soon as you note that usage go play GTA/SAMP, note the new average CPU usage (it should not be any different, GTA does not use much CPU). If it has risen a lot, I don't know what your problem is.
4. Order the process list (on the 'processes' tab) list on the task manager by CPU usage (by clicking on the 'CPU' column tag). Take note of the processes at the very top, if it seems a few (or one) processes are hogging your processor then close the program using the most (only if it is not a 'System' process or 'Local Service'). Repeat the steps until you find out which program is causing the stutter.

When a processor's usage reaches ~95-100% the computer will kinda freeze whatever is currently open until it catches back up with itself. Common problem I have with the 'winlogon.exe' process on my computer, but of course I have no control over this process because it is a system process so I have to reboot everytime it starts hogging my processor.

Sounds like it's your CPU Usage. also try downgrading your graphics card drivers or unparking the CPU cores.

It's not a monster, but I'm pretty confident it can run a old game like this.

And Crayder, I will try to see what's hogging it. My Cpu usage does stay very low when in game and when out of game.

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