sampgdk; noob has got questions!

Since I can't find a single tutorial on how to set sampgdk up, I've got loads of questions concerning this.
1) Any sampgdk tutorials available? If yes, write down a link please.
2) Why should someone decide to use sampgdk-amalgamation instead of sampgdk-linux/win32? Which one should I use? If it depends on something, what it depends on?

Thanks. Those are the first questions

1) There's a small tutorial/guide here:

which is also linked from this thread (large bold link at the top):

Scripting discussion is probably not a very good place for this sort of questions, you'd have more attention in the official topic.

2) For a while there had been problems with running multiple sampgdk-based plugins simultaneously if one of them was statically linked with sampgdk (particularly with callbacks), but the shared version of the library worked fine so it was preferred.

Now there's not much diference between the two except maybe slightly lower memory usage and easier updates. If you use the shared library/DLL then an update to a newer version of sampgdk is simple - just replace the library and you're done (and new versions are backwards compatible), whereas with the static library or amalgamation all plugins have to be recompiled.

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