Help with plugins

I make gamemode zombie use plugins FCNPC , all the correct code, but in game NPC was not load , anyone can help me?

sorry my bad english.

Did you change the 'maxnpc' from your server.cfg to the number of bots or above it?

can u show ur cfg?
i think u r missing .dll thing

If you are in Windows use : .dll
If you are in Linux use : .so
In your server.cfg change the maxnpc from 0 to 10 or as you like (number of NPCs who can connect to server)

Make sure you have the correct plugin file types for the operating system you are using, this is important, also make sure you allow NPC's to connect to your server.

Make sure that you have the right "maxnpc" amount in your server.cfg , also check your plugins, if you are using windows use .dll like (streamer.dll) if you are using linux use .so like (

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