Dialog Spoof

#define DIALOG_SHOW_INFO 13337
public OnDialogResponse(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]) {

	new string[876];
	if(GetPVarInt(playerid, "dialog") != dialogid) { // Confirm the dialogid matches what we have in the PVar
		format(string, sizeof(string), "{AA3333}AdmWarning{FFFF00}: %s (ID %d) is possibly trying to spoof a dialog ID (%d).", GetPlayerNameEx(playerid), playerid, dialogid);
  		ABroadCast(COLOR_YELLOW, string, 2);

		format(string, sizeof(string), "%s has possibly tried to spoof a dialog ID.", GetPlayerNameEx(playerid));
		AddAutomatedFlag(playerid, string);

		format(string, sizeof(string), "%s has possibly tried to spoof a dialog ID (%d, %d).", GetPlayerNameEx(playerid), dialogid, response);
		Log("logs/crash.log", string);

		return 1;
CMD:rules(playerid, params[])
	new str[1024];

	strcat(str, "{FFFFFF}Always RolePlay - VG:RP is a Strict RolePlay server. Your character's behavior needs to be as realistic, and close to real life as possible!\n");
	strcat(str, "NO MetaGaming! Don't mix in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) chat/information. IC chat is the default chat, OOC is used by typing /b!\n");
	strcat(str, "NO Killing On Sight (KOS). Killing a player on sight without a word or any attempt to roleplay is not allowed and is prisonable!\n");
	strcat(str, "NO Revenge Killing (RK). If a player critically injured you(killed you while injured), you are not allowed to go back to kill them! After hospital, you lose all memory of the last 30 minutes!\n");
	strcat(str, "If you are not critically injured (Didn't killed when Injured , you Survived) you will not lose your memory and you can revenge\n");
	strcat(str, "NO PowerGaming! Impossible roleplay, meaning anything that is cannot be done in real life is forbidden! Do not force roleplay on others!\n");
	strcat(str, "NO Car Ramming or Car Parking! Do not repeatedly ram other people with your car, and don't park on top of a player to kill them!\n");
	strcat(str, "NO Logging To Avoid! Never log out or alt-tab out of game to avoid death, arrest or prison!\n");
	strcat(str, "As a Roleplay Server , always Roleplay your Actions even Accidents or Incidents so you won't get jailed or banned if worst!\n");
	strcat(str, "*** This is a short version of our server rulebook. Please visit http://vg-rp.forumsline.com/ to see a full list of VG:RP's server rules! ***");
	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_SHOW_INFO, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "{FFFF00}*** Server Rules ***", str, "Ok", "Cancel");
	return 1;
When i /rules , there's a warning showing , Possibly Dialog Spoofing ID 13337

Delete that protection because it's fiexed in newest SAMP version.

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