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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some help on how to add lights to my mapping, my room is very dark and I need to add lights.

Anyone know of any good object id's to add lights or any help to create lighting.


There are light objects but dynamic lighting in samp is not very good.

Well you can search for the light's on the editor.

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Well you can search for the light's on the editor.
Sure he can but again as I pointed out dynamic lights in SAMP are not very good if he has this issue then he should search for a better solution. One idea could be setting an color to all white this will result in much brighter objects.

You only need to set one material index to do this and it will affect all indexes of that object this has the color of index 0 set to 0xFFFFFFFF notice the difference between the signs. Doing this causes lighting effects to become disabled on objects thus giving full ambient brightness even when it's dark.


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