Run Time Error 19.

When I compile my script everything Is OK...
But when I run my server it says Run time error 19: File or Function is not found..

Can someone HELP ME?

This is my code in server log

PHP код:
[09:05:24]    Error: Function not registered'SSCANF_Init'
[09:05:24]    Error: Function not registered'SSCANF_Join'
[09:05:24]    Error: Function not registered'SSCANF_Leave'
[09:05:24]    Error: Function not registered'WP_Hash'
[09:05:24]    Error: Function not registered'sscanf'
[09:05:24Reading Fileblank
[09:05:24Reading Fileproperties/houses.txt
[09:05:24Reading Fileproperties/businesses.txt
[09:05:24Reading Fileproperties/banks.txt
[09:05:24Reading Fileproperties/police.txt
[09:05:24Script[gamemodes/test.amx]: Run time error 19"File or function is not found"
[09:05:24Number of vehicle models

Download nativechecker.dll > Place it in your plugins folder and then add 'nativechecker' in your server.cfg at first, Then see what actually is causing this.

doesen't helps

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