/skiptut Isn't working well + need help to create /skip for players to skip the tutorial

Hello, the command /skiptut (which skips the tutorial for the ID you chose... its admin command) isn't working well..
When I /skiptut someone, it skips his tutorial, he play like 2-3 seconds, and then it sends him back to watch the tutorial...
Do you have any idea? could you help me?

Here's the code...
CMD:skiptut(playerid, params[])
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 4)
 		SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GRAD1, "You're not authorized to use that command!");
   		return 1;
	if(AdminDuty[playerid] != 1 && PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 6)
  		SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_WHITE, "You're not on-duty as admin. To access your admin commands you must be on-duty. Type /aduty to go on-duty.");
		return 1;

	new giveplayerid;
	if(sscanf(params, "u", giveplayerid))
		return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "USAGE: /skiptut [playerid/partofname]");

		for(new t = 0; t < 54; t++)
			TextDrawHideForPlayer(giveplayerid, TutTxtDraw[t]);

		SetPlayerInterior(giveplayerid, 0);
		SetPlayerVirtualWorld(giveplayerid, 0);
		TogglePlayerControllable(giveplayerid, 1);
		SetPlayerPos(giveplayerid, 1773.459350, -1942.273437, 13.569922);
		SetPlayerFacingAngle(giveplayerid, 329.64);

		InsideTut[giveplayerid] = 0;
		DeletePVar(giveplayerid, "MedicBill");
		PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][pTut] = 1;
		PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][pSex] = 1;
		PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][pAge] = 25;

		PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][pSkin] = 299;
		SetPlayerSkin(giveplayerid, 299);

		new string[128];
		format(string, sizeof(string), "Welcome to Express Roleplay, %s.", GetPlayerNameEx(giveplayerid));
		SendClientMessage(giveplayerid, COLOR_NEWS, string);

		format(string, sizeof(string), "~w~Welcome~n~~y~%s", GetPlayerNameEx(giveplayerid));
		GameTextForPlayer(giveplayerid, string, 5000, 1);

		SendClientMessage(giveplayerid, COLOR_YELLOW, "If you have any further questions, please use /newb. You can also /report if you see any rule-breakers.");

		new motdstring[128];
		format(motdstring, sizeof(motdstring), "News: %s", GlobalMOTD);
		SendClientMessage(giveplayerid, COLOR_WHITE, motdstring);

		DeletePVar(giveplayerid, "IsFrozen");

		TutorialProgress[giveplayerid] = 0;
	return 1;
Also, If you guys can help me to create a command that players will have option to watch the tutorial or skip it.. if someone can help me for that will be awesome!!!! thanks alot.

TutorialProgress[giveplayerid] = 0;

Could have something to do with this being set as the first step. Paste your OnPlayerSpawn function and check your script for instances where pTut is set to 0

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