Hello SA-MP Members.

Am asking for your opinion if WWE is fake or NOT, Many people said that it's fake but others saying that it's real, well in my opinion WWE is real lol i don't know but like i said i think it's real, don't know about your opinion, so you can vote now.


It's fake because there is also video showing they not really hit.



WWE(ntertainment) is scripted, it's like an action series for entertainment. Though the way the fight are real.

Hmm, yes, it's fake. I like the way of their fighting, and the skills.

It's planned before the fight who wins this round and who loses. Before the match they plan on their moves and stuff. But they do take the hits, they bleed so that's why they have to keep fit.

Only the moves are scripted to provide more enjoyment(when they parry and shit), but the guy you see getting punched in the face ending up with a bleeding nose - no, that's not fake.

Krest, it's not real blood, they have little something in their hand and when they hit your face it's explodes and looks like blood.

WWE is fake But not fake I've thinking about it. I saw many wwe videos there are injured hand and leg some every happen fake. There story all scripted So that all wwe member acting some fights...

But those things they they fall and throw him is real.

Do you even believe their "You hit my wife" or "you fucked my daughter" stories that make up 60% of the "fights" are real?

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