Saving Systems

Best saving systems? Choose above, the highest vote wins, gonna use it on JakAdmin.

Depend on your needs.

But if you want to use the data outside your SAMP server, e.g. - user control panel or admin control panel.
Then you definitely should go with MySQL because it's supported by every programming language (and should) and it remains it's query functionality anywhere.

so you don't have to learn again the basics such as SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE and INSERT INTO.

I recommend you use SQLite. INI files can clutter your folder overtime and backing up can be a pain in the ass. MySQL would be inconvenient to use for an admin system - what if the server owner doesn't know how to use MySQL, doesn't have access to a MySQL database or is not interested in using MySQL anyway?

SQLite is great because data is more organized, easy to backup and overall convenient for an admin system.

Depends what you like..

but i use y_ini

How about an alternate between all saving systems?

There's no "best" saving system, it really just depends on your needs: if you need to store datas for internal usage only (in the game-server), you won't need a MySQL database, you can simply go for a SQLite database or some text files.

Use Y_Ini :/

Use SQLitei include and you will be okay. If you want to have easy external access then use MySQL.

I would suggest you "MySQL"

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it's supported by every programming language

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