Port Forward

Hey i want to port forward but i cant beceause my router its thomson a new model and i cant find a video that show me how to do with new model please some one help me out

192.168.1.x (1 or 2 or /we)
Go to that adress and enter username password mostly admin/admin both pw and username click on ADvanced, click on Nat and open run, type -> cmd, type ipconfig see ipv4 adress.
Now on the 192.168.1.x page, on Server Name, Type :SAMP
Server IP adress: 192.168.1. (Your ipv4 adress)
in External and internal port type 7777, 7777 on both and SAve info, goto www.whatismyip.com and there you go.
The ip on that website www.whatismyip.com is your ip give it to ppl and add :7777 (or w/e it is in your server.cfg)

I think if add IP (not or, you will not see the server online, but other people will can see.

me too im not see server at external IP, only work for me localhost

Use your web browser and goto either or and then login with the login details. From there try and look for port triggering or port forwarding. Should be under wireless security or something like that

well please can any of you help me out with teamviewr to make it i will give what is needed please help me i cant do it

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