Hello Guys,

I wanted to know from all the Web Developers present here that which script or code do you use to make your website responsive. I know there are many around but i want to know which i didn't heard of till yet.

Thank you, Cheers.

There's some frameworks that do it for you. But those don't take the content of your site in consideration. They just make it fit.

If you want a good responsive design, do it manually. Create a site, tune it down to the basics and redesign that for mobile.
That's how I do it. But it's more work than a framework so up to you.

Usually you'd do it yourself because this gives you the best control on how everything fits and is named etc.
But if you don't want to I think something like bootstrap might be okay to use. Don't know much about those framesworks though as I always do it on my own.

Thanks for your replies and yes, I try to do it in HTML without using any javascript but some div's needs to be in a specific position on the site, that doesn't remains same on the other resolutions so for that i wanted to know what i can use for that.


No Javascript required.

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Thank you for that, Appreciated.

javascript for design toplel bootstrap

use this or this

Or if you are crazy enough and have much experience with javascript code it, simply bind events

orrrr use the tools already provided to you and use Media queries ?

Thanks for the help everyone.
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