[FilterScript] [FILTERSCRIPT] - tAxI's Dynamic Admin-Vehicle Lock - for all u lazy ppl!!!

This is just a quick modification of a feature i added in my vehicle based freeroam mode. By running the filterscript you can enter any vehicle in your server and type a command which will lock it to everyone except administrators!

I've seen so many ppl moan about not getting admin only vehicles to work...so stop despairing and here it is lol...no need for scripting knowledge at all...just enter the vehicle and type:

/asecurekick - will eject any non-admin from that vehicle...even when the person that locked it isnt online

/asecurekill - a slightly more nasty version of the above...player will be killed instantly lol

/aunsecure - will make a vehicle accessable to anyone again

/alockhelp - if your having problems working it and for general readme

This is currently on v1.0 so theres probs some bug i've missed...but its very small so no idea...but it seems to work great when i tested it with a few friends!

Feel free to use it...just keep the process that makes the line appear saying tAxI's admin lock filterscript in.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD <::> tAxI's Dynamic Admin Vehicle Lock

nicee! I will use it on my new mode [I going realese new mode]

lol Chris do you ever stop scripting? because i don't

i dont know if u can call this scripting...i just copied and pasted from the car ownership mod in the other post lol and added an OnFilterScriptInit line and changed the admin recognition codes to the default isplayeradmin...but it does work really well this one ...plus im thinking of making the car ownership script into a filterscript as well...would make it much easier to integrate into an already existing server package.


Re-upload? I need admin-security for some cars on my server.

I'm afraid i no longer have this script m8 - lostlong ago - i'll see if its on some of my servers somewhere lol;

nice job well done

Very nice!!!!!!

Awesome job,dude!!!!!!!!!!

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