Hey everyone,

I'm currently running Windows XP Pro SP3.. Days ago I reinstalled my Universal Serial Bus controllers (it didn't cause this problem, and yes it's updated too)... and then I accidently uninstalled some drivers from Non Plug And Play drivers... (I don't remember what I uninstalled, something like Serial...)

When I shut down my PC, it then shows a BSOD (blue screen)

I'm not sure, but Non Plug And Play drivers comes from softwares right??

Is there any way that I can get back my Non Plug and Play drivers that I uninstalled?

Try a system restore (Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore) and choose a date prior to the uninstallation.

Go to Device Manager and choose Action > Scan for hardware changes. Then it will show you your missing drivers with yellow warning icon. You can either find the drivers through hardware ID of the driver OR you already know which driver you need to install. If it's showing that you don't have any missing driver so better do the next thing I've mentioned below.

Download BlueScreenView, open it and then check the latest dump file generated by Windows. It will also show you problems highlighted red (example). I was using this app recently to find my BSoD crashing issues, and also solved it quite easily after finding the files which were causing it. Copy paste the files which are causing BSoD which is mentioned by BlueScreenView.

Hi, thanks for the response. Sadly, my system restore was disabled without my knowledge... So that means I don't have recovery points..

@Izn: I did scan for hardware changes. It didn't show any missing drivers but I'm sure there are missing drivers (Non Plug and Play)....

And yes, I just installed that, shut down my PC, but it didn't generate the dump file..?

Dump files might be disabled, it should be enabled by default though. Try

It is enabled, still... I tried to crash my PC with WhoCrashed (for dump file testing purpose, to check if it generates the dump file), it generates the dumpfile for that but not IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL..

Found something related to that BSoD error:

If nothing can be done, simply re-install Windows.

I guess I'll just re-install my Windows. But if possible, I want my games installer/important documents (they are 50gb+) saved. I only have a Local Disk C (286gb) and Local Disk H (Recovery, only 12gb)
If I re-install my Windows that means it'll format my Local Disk C. Which means all my games installer and important documents there will be deleted.. Any advices?

You should've made partitions and keep C drive as low as you can (but not that low - just enough space for the programs which need to be installed in C drive). There's no such way to backing up data, you can either try compressing the data to lowest amount with some backing up software (I don't know any of them as I never had to backup with some application) or if you've some sort of external drive or flash drive for backing up your data.

Thanks man, I'll try to do it!

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