[HELP] war system

Hello I have good working system which is my own but I can't make it then I want first with command calltowar call player to war and then when I start war for example team gsf and tsc then on that command put players on wright team if you know what I mean.

anyone. thanks

You need to elaborate more really...

In summary, from what I can decipher, you want everyone to begin without a team, and then when that command is ran, you'd like the script to cycle through everyone assigning them a random team (but load balanced), and then I assume teleport them to a location based on that?

I have teleport and that stuff I just want somehow to make for exaple war is playing between team ms13 and tsc and then I with command call player to war like you have been called to war by admin blabla and then in command for starting war then here somehow to make check if player is member or leader of ms13 or tsc then he assing him to team ms13 or tsc.

So, are they in teams before the command? Or put into teams on the commands usage?

yes they is in teams before calling players in war and start the war

OK, well are you assigning them teams upon joining? Or based on their skin selection? How does the team assigning work?

If you haven't yet built in the functionality that enables you to assign teams then that needs to be focused on first.

Let me know the current state of affairs and we'll go from there.

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