Question about y_ini ParseFile

Hello there. I have some questions while loading the variable from player data.
How can i load the variable that have more than one value stored? I mean suppose i have something like this

pawn Code:
#define MAX_VALUE           5

enum E_Enum
And while saving the file

pawn Code:
    new INI:file = INI_Open(filename);
    INI_SetTag(file, "data");
    for(new i; i < MAX_VALUE; i++)
        if(info[playerid][gVar1][i] != 0)
        INI_WriteInt(file, "Var1", info[playerid][gVar][i]);
    INI_WriteInt(file, "Var2", info[playerid][gVar2]);
It will save the Var1 as Var1 = 5, now my question is, while loading this variable, its only loading 1 not all the values, how can i do that inside INI_ParseFile function? I have tried every possible ways for example:

pawn Code:
INI_ParseFile("Example.ini", "Load_%s", .bExtra = true, .extra = playerid);

forward Load_data(playerid, name[], value[]);
public Load_data(playerid, name[], value[])
    new i;
    INI_Int("Var1", info[playerid][gVar1][i]);
    if(i != 0)
    INI_Int("Var2", info[playerid][gVar2]);
    return 1;

Same method worked fine for default samp file saving system but with y_ini it don't work for some reason. I have tried looping through MAX_VALUE and set the variable index inside the function while loading but still it either loads nothing or just loads only 1 value, Am i doing some mistake while loading them? If so, can someone explain me how can i do this? Sorry if i couldn't explain my problem very well.

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