Accessories Bug (SA-MP)

I have reported this bug on a server I play and the owner/scripting doesn't seem to know the problem, therefore I'm coming here to seek help. Right there is a recently added feature on the server which is allowing a player to wear sa-mp accessories such as hats, glasses, flashlights.. the list goes on. Sometimes when you've placed a item on your character and you are killed and or relog, basically respawn the items are messed up.

quote from a player on the server.

Yes, the X and Y angles goes back to the original size while the Z angle stays resized.

Any ideas?

Can't really do much without the code.

There's not much you or we can do about it. If the developer isn't up to fix this issue then you're out of luck and you'll just have to deal with it.

Definitely a script issue.

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