[FilterScript] Anti 'ATJ'(Cleo Carjacker) script

I won't give the full-name of the cleo hack, so I will just shorten it to 'ATJ'.
The 'ATJ' is a cleo carjacker script, which is pretty annoying, and I've seen it on some 'popular' RP/Stunt servers.

I've made some tests(carjacking with the hack off/on), and so far I haven't received any false results.
This probably isn't the 'best code', because this was the 1st way of detecting it which came in my mind, but.. It does the job
Right.. enough chitchatting.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/j3HXPkYT
MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/?l6836o8beyzt3yz
Emmet_ for his New SA-MP callbacks include.
****** for his foreach include.

( i didn't include any videos nor pictures, since the code/'description' explains a lot by itself.. )
EDIT: Might not work after 22nd September due to the hack's script update ..

Nice work

Good job

Good job

Sounds good, will try it out.

( 1 week, so I guess it isn't such an old topic bump? )
Not sure if this still works, since the guy who created the hack added changeable keys..( so it works on other keys )
So, use at caution.. i guess :d

Will test it and update it in this week, if I can find a 'fix' for it.

its kick player when jack marverick

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