[GameMode] [MySql R39-2] Crazy Street Wars [Back to the release!]

NOTE: This gamemode is not recommended for people without at least a little bit of MySql knowledge!


Crazy Street Wars is a gangwar gamemode which was already released a few months ago in version 1.0.12 (which was Y_Ini) and now it's coming back with the version 1.0.15 which had quite some important updates, counting it switching to MySql.

This gamemode consists of 5 teams which are Grove Street, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas and Police. Your main goal is to kill other team members and take over gang zones around Los Santos and be the highest ranked member on!


  • 5 Teams (Grove Street, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecas and Police).
  • Textdraw display of damage taken and given to/from enemy.
  • Gangzone system which fully saves to MySql database.
  • Clan system which fully saves to MySql database.
  • User system which fully saves to MySql database.
  • Experience Points which are needed to rank up.
  • 12 ranks (highest rank is at 12000 EXP).
  • Anti cheat system which checks for airbreak, weapons, jetpack, fake kill and money (automatically resets player's money to their stat money if they hacked and sends a warning to Administrators online).
  • Maps and vehicles around San Andreas.
  • Shops at every team base.
  • Ability for clan leaders to fully edit their clans (name, MOTD, ranks (6 ranks), spawn weapons and spawn skin).
  • Nicely organised dialogs so it's better to read from them.
  • Unfinished VIP system with 4 commands. (Lvl 1: VIP color & toggle PM. Lvl 3: /vnos & /vc for vip chat for all lvls.).
  • Administrator system with 7 levels. (1-5 + 1337 and 133.
  • Radio system so players don't get bored while playing.
  • Killing Spree System which gives players EXP and money bonus.
  • Textdraw display of most important stats such as Rank, EXP, Kills, Deaths & how many zones your team owns.
  • Team chat (/tc) to talk to your teammates.
  • PM system to PM other players online.
  • Anti Driver Drive By.
  • Possibly some more features I forgot about

Most important changes since last release

Important changes since 1.0.12 release are:
  • Converted from Y_INI to MySql.
  • Re wrote gang zones system (Previously it took over 700 lines of code, now it takes A LOT less and also saves and loads to/from MySql).
  • Added Anti Money Cheat (now money gets re set back to stat if someone cheats and warns Administrators right away!). - This might get false called sometimes in case a players gets money at the same time the anti cheat is called. Don't worry it won't ban the user nor take away their money, it'll just send warning to Administrators.
  • Added Police Team. (A lot of people requested this therefore I created it).
  • There are quite some other, small changes that have been added such as feature for clan leaders to change clan spawn weapons, /givemoney command, taken damage doesn't display if you hit your own teammate and so on.

Required includes & plugins

Following includes & plugins are required to run this gamemode:

Streamer (Plugin & Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...07702MySql (Plugin & Include) - https://github.com/pBlueG/SA-MP-MySQL/re...2Whirlpool (Plguin) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...702Sscanf2 (Plugin & Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...702Vending (Include) - I'm not sure where I found this one therefore I included it with server package. Full credits go to Emmet_!
ZCMD (Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...mSelection (Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...4207702OPA (Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.ph...207702OPFK (Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=482402 (In case this include is named differently than OPFK then rename it to OPFK.inc or just change the #include <OPFK> in the script).
Lookup (Include) - https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=460410
Update: If you can't access the lookup include thread then use this link:lookupffs.com/lookup.inc

Thanks to xWarrior for the link!


Screenshots album:


User made screenshots:



Gamemode itself:

Blast3r (me) - Original gamemode creator.
TinyTina - Pizza Hut mapping.
Newbienoob - MySql tutorial.
rbN - Anti Cheat assistance.
Tosfera - MySql issues assistance.
Pravin - Testing the possible MySql issue fix.

Includes & Plugins:

Incognito - Streamer.
Emmet_ - OPA & vending.inc (which is included in server package as I couldn't find the link to it on forums).
Patrick_ - OPFK.
Zeex - ZCMD.
mSelection - d0.
****** - sscanf & Whirlpool.
Whoever made Lookup.inc.
And of course - BlueG & whoever is developing the MySql plugin


Last update on: 8/11/2014 (Version: Small update, no version movement).
  • Possible fix for accounts getting bugged if global save was called at the same time as player logging in.
  • ASC Limit is now bound to MAX_ZONES define.


Mirrors are accepted! Just PM me to add them


You are allowed to start your own server with this script and do whatever you want to do with it, however I'd like to ask you kindly to keep the /credits command in it.

Anti Money Cheat might give false calls if it gets called somewhere in the range when player just got the money. Don't worry about this, it won't ban nor take away money from the player, it'll only send a warning to Administrators that's all.

To add more zones, go to the MySql database and then to "zones", insert and fill out the info that is needed to fill out. After that make sure to change the #define MAX_ZONES to how many zones you got:

pawn Код:
#define MAX_ZONES 14

For any other, private questions regarding the gamemode either drop me a PM here on the forums or just add me on skype: leonardo-454.


Nice GM mate.

Nice gamemode!


Nice release

Thanks guys! Thread edited, added solidfiles download link as requested by KingServerIRAN. Cheers.

Hey nice release, It's bettter you put full files like incs

Ah why did you actually realease this script dude? You could simply keep it running up like you did so far.. Anyway good job on creating it.

PS: Your K/d still sucks huehue UnknownLegend here

Originally Posted by HACKHERS
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Hey nice release, It's bettter you put full files like incs
I'm not allowed to do so by the SA-MP rules, sorry.

Originally Posted by Arnold_Collins
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Ah why did you actually realease this script dude? You could simply keep it running up like you did so far.. Anyway good job on creating it.

PS: Your K/d still sucks huehue UnknownLegend here

Noooo! My K/D was perfect! D:

Anyways, I was thinking of re starting it once again but I really didn't see a point of bringing back something that already died two times


Good job! Impressive!

Added a small update to the script. This update is completely small and is mostly related to the script organisation instead of in game features.

  • Added /kill command.
  • Added GiveMoney(playerid, amount) stock (Don't have to do "GivePlayerMoney" and "PlayerInfo[playerid][pMoney]" at every give money part now. It's just GiveMoney(playerid, amount).
  • Fixed VIP dialog (bug with last 2 options not appearing & also changing to "else if" instead of 4 "ifs".
  • Added Vehicle NOS (/vnos) can now also be activated through the /vip dialog.
  • Removed the "MoneyJob" related arrays and defines as it was one of the features I was planning to add when I was running it as server but ended up not adding it and leaving those completely unneccessary codes there.

Also feel free to suggest me good uploading sites (that don't require registration like mediafire does) and if anyone can make a mirror at mediafire I'd appreciate it! Since I got a request for mediafire

Good GM i will use this with my brother.

Originally Posted by CoR3
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Good GM i will use this with my brother.
Cheers mate.

In case any of you find any bugs, please report them to me by PM or something and I'll do my best to fix it once I have time.

Originally Posted by Ralfie
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Have you ever tried committing self suicide? Your OnPlayerDeath will go wild.
Yeah I noticed ("You have been killed by *blank*") you can easily fix it by yourself, make a check if the reason is suicide and then just don't send the message. (Or if it isn't suicide send message, easier )

Great Job. Well done


This is a perfect gamemode to use as a base, good job!

good job Man

I can't download lookup.inc dude.
Can someone upload for me, please?
I try ****** it, but i didn't found that include.

Originally Posted by bondowocopz
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I can't download lookup.inc dude.
Can someone upload for me, please?
I try ****** it, but i didn't found that include.
here ! the include lookupffs.com/lookup.inc

Nice !!

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