SA:MP on mac using crossover, HELP!

Hey guys. So, I followed the tutorial to use SAMP on my iMac using crossover, and it boots just fine, shows complaines, the logo etc.

But when I try to connect to the servers I play on, I get a greyed out LV strip screen with something that says loading objects. Te grey doesn't go away unless I hit Escape.

Then it's the same screen but not grey, with these three blacked out rectangles I can click on at the bottom.

Also if I hit escape, I can't use my mouse. Only my arrow keys, and the enter key.

Try to use parallels desktop on Mac

On an intel based mac you can just use bootcamp..

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On an intel based mac you can just use bootcamp..
My iMac only supports disc install, not USB. My iMacs optical drive is broken and my parents refuse to get it fixed.

I got SA-MP working the other day using wine and winetricks. Install wine, try to run SA-MP/GTA and just install whatever it says you don't have using winetricks. (I think I only needed directx9)

Also I wouldn't worry about the pause screen mouse so much, there are serious mouse issues even on Windows.

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