Just how?

I really have no idea how to help people on the forum so that i can get reputation points to advertise my server. I have absolutly no programming skills. What should i do? Beg the administrators?

B.T.W Of you are wondering how i have a server my cousin made it for me.

Help people. Dont beg for reps. Administrators are not going to give you a single rep.

I am not begging. If i were begging I would be breaking the rules(which i read). I was just asking how a user who cannot program or fix crashes can advertise his server.

Simple. Help people even I don't know scripting , programming. Though I earned reps by helping.

I don't know scripting either, I got most of the reps from my comments, by helping people and from my maps.

Don't even advertise server if you don't know how to script it, nor start it.

When you learn to script, help people, work for your reputation, make name for yourself.

After that, advertise server.

Get scripters/programmers for your server!

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Get scripters/programmers for your server!
What the hell are you talking about? He's talking about getting reputations in SA-MP forums not having a need about scripters.

I know very little of PAWN, and yet look how many reps I have, honestly the reps doesn't come from helping people, just hang out in the forums, help people in the client support section, give out opinions that you think people would agree on and make people laugh.

SAMP forums isn't just about discussing scripting/developing, there's far more to that

I got my reputation in the beginning by helping others while learning myself, that's probably the best way to get into any kind of coding language; you get what you want while learning a valuable skill which can help solve a lot of problems (even in the real world sometimes) and you help make a contribution to the community.

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