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Lately in work I had opportunity to learn about Redis (and elasticsearch as well), which really pumped up performance of our data storage. In this thread it had been quickly shot down, but without any real arguments. I'm a webdev, so I'd like to ask you if there would be any performance gain in comparison to mysql (which still would be used as a last layer persistent cache), or the overhead from plugin calls would simply make it unprofitable to even think about it. Of course, it helped me with project with millions of rows, and I can fathom that there aren't such gamemodes out there, but still.

Would using Redis give any performance boost?

Don't know much about this Redis but honestly I think MySQL suits very well for the needs of a SA-MP server + we already have a well implemented plugin which is fast and offers great functionality. We should rather expand the documentation on the R39+ plugin to make it easier for new scripters to get up with it since I saw many still using R7 and below.

Sorry, but still you didn't answer my question.

And yeah, it hurts my eyes when people still use unthreaded queries (with obvious SQLi vulnerabilities, and/or selects executed in a loop... brr). Sqlite is good as well (even more suited in many cases).

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