Vehicle System

Let's get to the problem, shall we?
I use an Enumerator for my Vehicle System. Trying to figure out how to fix this.

The creation of Vehicles on Start.
pawn Код:
for(new i=1;i<MAX_SCRIPTVEHICLES+1;i++)
        AddStaticVehicleEx(VehicleInfo[i][vModel],VehicleInfo[i][vLocX],VehicleInfo[i][vLocY],VehicleInfo[i][vLocZ], VehicleInfo[i][vAngle], VehicleInfo[i][vColorOne],VehicleInfo[i][vColorTwo],3900);
        new engine, lights, alarm, doors, bonnet, boot, objective;
Many Vehicles spawn, what had to be only 'LANDSTALKER'. And note, that Landstalker is 'ALSO' present there. I just want to remove the other Vehicles' Spawning. Any Help?

pawn Код:
AddStaticVehicleEx(modelid, Float:spawn_x, Float:spawn_y, Float:spawn_z, Float:angle, color1, color2, respawn_delay)
If you want only landstalkers, simply change the modelid to 400 instead of a looping variable. However, I am confused as to what you are typing to do. Do you want multiple (a maximum number of, in fact) vehicles to spawn, or just one? If just one why are you using a loop?

No No. It's not about that that Landstalker, I just gave an Example Basically. I want 'Any' Vehicle that's in Vehicles.cfg to 'Spawn'.

UPDATE: Now, it spawned One Vehicle,but that's Unfortunately Infernus. I tried changing the Model, but still it spawns 411 (Infernus) whereas this car is not in the WHOLE Vehicles.cfg file. Damn Confused, any help?

EDIT: Infact, there are Infernuses everything there are supposed to be Specific Vehicles.

There must be a problem where you are setting the VehicleInfo variable. You'll have to give us that code as well.

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