I need help

There was this *******r who played MT-Gaming RP.I watched him in 2012/2011 and I want to foind him again.But I can't rememver his name. :/
I only remember he had +5000 SUBSCRIBERS.
He played MT-Gaming and moved to LS:RP when MT-Gaming moved to LV.
In one of his videos(one of the first 1) he was(on the image before you put the video) in skin id 299.https://sampwiki.blast.hk/wiki/Skins:All
If someone can tell me his name that'd be great.


Don't bump your post, if we knew who you were on about then we would of said. There's no point in people posting if we can't add anything useful.

Anyway, the only people I can think of who've been on that first server was Crowley and Kevin that's about as much help as I can give.. Since it is kind of Kevins server anyway.

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