SAMP Crashing

after installing samp and playing it randomly crashes, sometimes after 1 minute other times after 2 hours
saying that GTA SA.exe has crashed.
I tried the win98 compatibility, deleting gta_sa.set, none of it worked
also every time I install SAMP my GTA San Andreas (singleplayer) has slightly but noticeably lower FPS than before installing SAMP (I use the European 2.0 DVD Version, downgraded to 1.0 with the official patch from SAMP page)
any ideas? I use Windows XP SP3
also everytime I close the game I get the Instruction at 0x74da42cd referenced memory at 0x036a7d34.
The memory could not be read error
any ideas? thanks

Maybe try US 1.0 version??

now it froze and chat displayed this: Warning (s007) Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x82C70C
please help

I tried using the US version but it didn't help anyhow..

the message usually spams the chat folder half a second before the game crashes
Warning (s007) Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x82C70C

please help

thanks for great help really

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