Everytime I'm Running The Server [Debug] Is showwed up

hello guys , thx b4 for visiting my thread
this i got this message
[21:33:17] [debug] #0 000eea10 in public AutoPark () from gegeerpe.amx
[21:33:18] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[21:33:18] [debug]  Accessing element at index 2 past array upper bound 1
it's keep spamming my server-log.txt
ok so i checked out Autopark in pawno and here it is
public AutoPark()
	for(new x; x<=MAX_PLAYERS;x++)
			for(new v=0;v<MAX_PLAYERVEHICLES; v++)
					new Float:vx, Float:y, Float:z, Float:angle, Float:health;
				 	GetVehicleDamageStatus(PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvId], PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvStatus][0], PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvStatus][1], PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvStatus][2], PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvStatus][3]);
					GetVehicleHealth(PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvId], health);
					if(PlayerInfo[x][pLockCar] == GetPlayerVehicleID(x)) PlayerInfo[x][pLockCar] = INVALID_VEHICLE_ID;
					GetVehiclePos(PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvId], vx, y, z);
					GetVehicleZAngle(PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvId], angle);
					PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvPosX] = vx;
					PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvPosY] = y;
					PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvPosZ] = z;
					PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvPosAngle] = angle;
					PlayerVehicleInfo[x][v][pvHealth] = health;
			new Float:vx,Float:y,Float:z,Float:a, Float:health;
		 	GetVehicleDamageStatus(PlayerRentInfo[x][prId], PlayerRentInfo[x][prStatus][0], PlayerRentInfo[x][prStatus][1], PlayerRentInfo[x][prStatus][2], PlayerRentInfo[x][prStatus][3]);
			GetVehicleHealth(PlayerRentInfo[x][prId], health);
			GetVehiclePos(PlayerRentInfo[x][prId], vx, y, z);
			GetVehicleZAngle(PlayerRentInfo[x][prId], a);
			PlayerRentInfo[x][prPosX] = vx;
			PlayerRentInfo[x][prPosY] = y;
			PlayerRentInfo[x][prPosZ] = z;
			PlayerRentInfo[x][prPosAngle] = a;
			PlayerRentInfo[x][prHealth] = health;
		    for(new i = 0; i <= MAX_WSCAR; i++)
			    new bos = PlayerInfo[x][pWSBos];
				GetVehiclePos(WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleId][i], vx, y, z);
				GetVehicleZAngle(WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleId][i], a);
				WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleX][i] = vx;
				WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleY][i] = y;
				WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleZ][i] = z;
				WsInfo[bos][wsVehicleAngle][i] = a;
Thx , pls help me

sorry for bad english

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