Zombie Apocalypse Team Balance

Hey there so as the title says i need help with my zombie apocalypse server i need a script that would auto balance the two teams TEAM_ZOMBIE and TEAM_HUMAN now i know there are some similar posts like this but non of them helped me cuz i need this team balance be to comple completely auto and random, I hope I make some sense here . If you need any thing such a part of the script please let me know I really might need ur help. Thanks.

Check this : https://www.******.com/url?sa=t&rct=...71778758,d.d2k

Geek thanks for the reply but im not looking for that kind of a team balancer cuz i need it to be auto, so the script chooses it self for the player's team the, link u sent does the team balance when the player request to spawn i need a script that would auto choose every map that changes. hope you understand me :S

example of it -
pawn Код:
#include <foreach> // this is important ****** to find if u dont have this include

new Iterator:hold<MAX_PLAYERS>;//on top

//now the random tam balancing thing when the map changes
new len = Iter_Count(Player);//return the number of player connected
new var = 0, id;

for(new i = 1; i <= len; i++)
    while(var != 1)
              id = Iter_Random(Player);//random id of player
              if(Iter_Contains(hold, id))continue;//means if player is already assgined a team
              var = 1;

Iter_Add(hold, id);

if(i % 2 == 0)SetPlayerTeam(playerid, zombie);//assigning different team to every alternative random playerid
else SetPlayerTeam(playerid, human);
var = 0;

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