Message doesn't send after pickup

So, this is my code in OnPlayerPickUpDynamicPickup callback.
pawn Код:
for(new p = 0; p <= 11; p++)
        if(pickupid == Pickups[p])
            new rand = random(30), str2[128], Float:Health;
            GetPlayerHealth(playerid, Health);
            format(str2, sizeof (str2), "You've done a great job! You found an hidden pickup and earned %i health! [Health LEFT: %i]", rand, floatround(Health));
            SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREEN, str);
            SetPlayerHealth(playerid, Health + rand);
If I enter those pickups, It's just sending a blank message; i.e. ""
I tried to return it and do stuffs, but it's remaining like the same..

SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREEN, str2); :3

Oh fuck.. Such an idiot i'm. I edited two strings and forgot to do this shit.
Thanks anyways..

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