[FilterScript] TextDrawTools - Simple TextDraw Displays


This simple filterscript will display your server's name, server's script version, player's location, and global server time. It will also display a vehicle's name when a player gets in the drivers seat. The server name and version can be change in the define:
#define     Servername      "Fort Carson ~r~Roleplay"
#define     Serverversion   "v1.00.00"
It also has a command for admins to change the time (/settime), this time sets for every single player, and sets the global world time. The location text will not display when a player is inside to avoid confusion on players who don't understand interiors. I didn't find any bugs, there shouldn't be as it's just a small script. Although the FilterScript is not "reset friendly", so it does bug when you try and reload it or unload/load it with RCON, just remember that. Hope it's useful.

The global server time ticks over every 60 seconds and is the same for every player. It uses a timer instead of OnPlayerUpdate.
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/LD0u9g8W

Includes needed:
#include <zcmd>
#include <a_zones>

Simple but eh? Nice?

Too simple, but I don't think TextDraws get used in the right way to be as efficient and effective as they can!

NOT Bad Good job

It can be usefull in some way.

Nice.. Good Job

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