[FilterScript] Random Messages in Game by a bot!

Hello Friends, My name is Alex..

I have create this new Filterscript named, Random Messages by a bot in Game!
I have added its timer..and you can edits the message in it,
and add your own...

Download link : http://pastebin.com/5JUZXUwd

If you really like it, just post a me a + rep, im not asking just seeing if im doing my work well!

Good job!
but I guess you should add the command to disable and enable

pawn Код:
RandomMessages == 1
//1 = on; 0 = off ( 0 = only SendBotMessage() without Randommessages )   ??

Thanks for telling,

Nice. But new just a simple script

Good Job for ur first script +REP

awesome work +rep

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