What gameplay would you like to see?

Hey guys!

I am starting up a ******* channel and would like to know what you would like to watch.

Please, fill the poll. It helps me alot.

All the games are good. If you are interested in opening a ******* channel. Then you should have to open a channel like Multiple Gaming. There you can post many of the game videos and stuffs.

Any of them is great, just pickup the one you like the most.
and you can make all of them together.

Skyrim :3

Any game that isn't Minecraft. Seriously, we have enough of those lol.
Skyrim works, but make sure you're prepped with crapload of mods because people aren't going to watch the same 'dovahkiin' gameplay over and over. I suggest, load up with Frostfall and other survival mods. Also, make it a role play type, people will enjoy that more.

Voted for Blade and Mount tho, didn't knew why I did that

I figure a Mount & Blade LP would be the most interesting one to follow.

SAmp ? Why dont you make samp videos ?

Warband<3 and FNV

GTA 7!

I will go with FC3.

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