The objects from streamer , have problems?

Ok , well if i have more than 800 + objects in server , the bug is created... i mean the objects have problem with distance!

Is annoying because on old gamemodes doesen't exist! i have it on my gamemode .. is a new gamemode (created from 0 ) all includes & plugins are new!

- I tried to use old plugins , still the bug.
- I tried to convert them , still the bug.
- I tried to change draw distance from server.cfg still the problem

Help me what's the problem?!

Images with the bug !,brCZSOI

Well, first off - that is a beautiful map from what I can see. Now, I've had issues like this. Did you use the SAME map on the other gamemode? Streamer tends to have issues when a lot of objects are loaded at the same time.

Any fix... ?

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