[Help] Losing account (0 byte.ini)

Sometimes random server crashes(shutdown) for no reason = crashdetect not showing anything. Working on all but not on this thing.

Some online player's who was Online on time of crash, lose stats... .ini file become 0 byte, empty inside... i dont know how to stop it? And save them before losing?

Common problem with goadfather scripts. It is time to create your own or edit a better gamemode.
Use your saving system just inside the onplayerdisconnect / gamemodeexit callback.

It's mine script... from stretch

I cannot tell you what is wrong unless you provide us with some code to pinpoint the problem. There might be several reasons of why your script is screwing up player data on server crash. One of them might be that your script is saving data too many times in short period.

I'm saving all data foreach 15 every 15 minutes, and when some changes are making. So i should put only on disconnect?

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