Few bugs in the modified Sasinosoft Houses 2.0

Hello, I had tried modify Sasinosft house sytem and make /findhouse on it but it was fully bugged also i tried to make that the player can buy only one house but there few problems on it.

In the /findhouse cmd always when i buy house then use the cmd it works fine with me and some times when any other player use this cmd it make checkpoints in the other house and when i restart the server and i type /findhouse it say that i don't own house to use this cmd.
and the problems in the max house per player, it works at first time but when another one buy a house it bugs and says that i am not allowed to buy more than one house while i don't have any house.

Here is the modified script:http://pastebin.com/cTQr1n7k

Reply if you got any ideas how to fix that.
Need a reply with full descriptions about the problem.

Sry but bump is needed...

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