[FilterScript] Vehicle blink system

Vehicle blink
Attach yellow blink light on side of vehicle when pressed key Q (KEY_LOOK_LEFT) or E (KEY_LOOK_RIGHT).
Now can attach emergency lights on both of sides when key 2 (KEY_LOOK_BEHIND) is pressed.
Works for all cars, trucks, trailers, bikes which have place for blinks (supports attached trailer to truck).
There is only one timer (1s) for detecting trailer attach or detach. Blinks are auto disabled, when vehicle turns in desired direction (default 55.0 degrees), but
when any key is pressed/released (OnPlayerKeyStateChange need to be called to check angle)!

1.1: ( Released at 08.11 )
  • Added emergency lights (default key 2)
  • Fixed a bug with trailer, while attaching makes vehicle turn blinks on
  • Some config options at top
  • External function which can destroy blinks when you want to destroy vehicle manually, or just
    do in your main script hook for calling OnVehicleDeath when destroying.
1.0: ( Released at 16.07 )
  • Released

(LATEST) Version 1.1:NOTE:
Using Incognito streamer plugin v2.7.4

Version 1.0:NOTE:
Using Incognito streamer plugin v2.7.2



Nice, seen this lots of before. Easy to make but still very nice!

Originally Posted by Chilli9434
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Nice, seen this lots of before. Easy to make but still very nice!
Actually these one is a little bit different (if you check the code). He made an array for each vehicle to save blinkers position.

Wow Very Nice work Mate Keep it up,
You're Good.


not ez to make like this, nice rep+1

damn, this must've taken a lot of time to get all these offsets O.o

REP+, good work

Well,The coordinates,most of them i had before for another use ,good job,simple and nice.
and yea,here is a bug:
I didnt try it in game but i am sure this is a bug,When a car gets respawned or destroyed,the objects will stay at the last position of the vehicle.

Yeah !! Good job man, it's really nice

Nice job.You could've used encode lights function,but this one seems fine.Repped!

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