Java or C++ ?

Can anyone suggest me which programming language choose first Java or C++ and why?
P.S I already learned Pawn.

Sorry for my bad English if there are some mistakes

I'd say Java.
Java is easier to get a hang of, and is a nice introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). It also doesn't feature the relatively difficult memory management of C-type languages.

However, this all depends on what you want to do with it.

How about learning C sharp.

Java - awkward virtual stack machine, low performance, managed, garbage-collected (simplified memory management)
C++ - you'll necessairly stumble upon C functions and memory management, which could easily lead to memory leaks and is in general harder to maintain as it's not garbage-collected

Your call whether to choose simplicity or performance.

Thank you all very much.
I will learn Java


C++, you will find it easier to learn, if you walready know pawn for real.

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C++, you will find it easier to learn, if you walready know pawn for real.
PAWN has a C-like syntax so it would be easier to learn C, not C++.

To put this in aerospace terms.

Learning C++ as the first language is like putting you alone in the cockpit of a Space Shuttle just as you begin the re-entry manuevers and calling it a "trainning mission".

Learning Java as the first language is putting you in the co-pilot chair of a personal plane in control of a seasoned instructor who will slap your hand should you try and do something inordinately stupid.

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