DIALOG_STYLE_LIST not functioning!

Hello , i'm very sorry to disturb you guys , in previous topics , i was blaming different scripts but i've figured out my Gamemode maybe is not supporting "DIALOG_STYLE_LIST" , all the FS which includes DIALOG_STYLE_LIST don't function , they even load and appear in the server but when i try to choose one option , it just closes. And doesnt do the expected function. Like Anak's Airport system , Fedex Job system , Gun Shop by Emil and much more which uses DIALOG_STYLE_LIST. I am using Elite Drift V2.5 , please add me at Skype wahaj_123 , i'd love your help and will appreciate too much. I hope i get quick response!!

You need to get your help from here not in private

We need to look at code first.
Anyway probably it's a problem with error dialog id conflict.
Be sure if there are with your filterscripts and with your gamemode same filterscripts id.

Then can one of you add me at Skype(wahaj_123) , i'd appreciate you guys very much I'll provide you the script and you can look at it Or tell me a solution here

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