How to concentrate on scripting ?

I know this is a silly question but it doesnt work You know now I am really bored to script And I feel to play on servers Instead of scripting But i really wanna script So How Do I Really Concentrate On scripTinG ?

Do it for a bit then do something else for a while and continue on, if you think you're going to lose your train of thought; just make a few notes as comments when you carry on.

Close all IM(Instant Messenger) like skype or yahoo messenger or set your status to dont disturb close all other apps that might bother you, if possible listen to your favorite music, i did that and it helps me to concentrate in scripting and dont forget to relax after long scripting. This might help you.

I have the same problem. Just use the "1001 nights" method: leave something unfinished. Start the day scripting that unfinished code, then start another one, leaving it unfinished too. That works everytime for me, and I have pretty serious lack of concentration.

Its best that you listen your favorite music while scripting. It will help you not getting bored. I do this my self :3
I don't script whole day. When I get bored. I play sa-mp servers or other games like cs1.6. After playing, I start scripting again.

listen to your favorite music I do this And from now ill try everything to give my best for the people Who are helping me a lot

I like to put in noise cancelling earbuds, play my favorite music, and disconnect from the internet (If possible).

I'm not really concentrated while scripting. Just put on some music and write down whatever has to be done.

Well, Same thing with me but As NewerthRoleplay said do it for a while and then do something else and then again continue and so on, That how i concentrate on it, But sometimes i really got bored, So I just leave it. Now its fun for me


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