[Help] Selectable Player Textdraws Problem

So I have a problem with player textdraws. I 've made a register system with player clickable textdraws and when I click a textdraw it shows another dialog instead of the one I made to show.
And also only the registration textdraws are shown, but It opens the dialog of login when I click the registration textdraw.This is really confusing me.Doest it affect maybe cause the textdraws are on same place ?

Here are the codes:

pawn Code:
if(playertextid == Registration[playerid]){
    ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,DIALOG_REGISTER,DIALOG_STYLE_PASSWORD,"Please enter your password","Enter a Password below","Enter","Close");

pawn Code:
if(playertextid == LogIN[playerid]){
    ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_LOGIN, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT,""COL_WHITE"Login",""COL_WHITE"Type your password below to login.","Login","Close");
What could be the problem ?

For clickeable textdraw you must use TextDrawSize/PlayerTextDrawSize.

Change aligment to center
pawn Code:
PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, Registration[playerid], 2);
PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid, Registration[playerid], 20.0, 400.0);

//Login too
PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, LogIN[playerid], 2);
PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid, LogIN[playerid], 20.0, 400.0);

sorry double post...

It still loads to me the login instead of register when I click the register playertext.

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