File/Function not found on VPS, but fine on my PC.

Right, This is my problem..

I have got a script on my computer, which runs effectively with no errors at all. I can compile the pawno script and everything works perfectly.

And so, seeing as thought it was working perfectly, I purchased this VPS, so I can host it 24/7.

I compiled it one last time before adding it into a WinRAR archive, to then copy it directly on the VPS.

I extracted it all, planting the information onto the desktop.

As I go to run my samp-server.exe, I recieve an issue for a file or function.

This is obviously to do with the VPS, as I have no issues on my own desktop.

This is on my computer:
And this is the VPS:




Make sure you have entered plugins using the above syntax.

crashdetect failed, maybe you have the crashdetect native functions in your gamemode script.

After putting in Crashdetect.dll

Update your streamer include/plugin and try again.

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