How to Add Script files to my server?

Hello, if you can help will be great,
i want to know how to add ScriptFiles to my own servers,
Some times when i want to download script, i click the download link
and it send me to Pastebin, what shall i do next?
i see there download link in the Pastebin but it downloads .txt file..
Could you explain me how to download that, or how to add that to the script..
Thanks alot.

Im New Scripted in here, and i would like to learn new things and stuff, so if possible to help would be awesome, Thanks!

If the file should be pawn instead of .txt so copy all the scripts and paste it in pawno then compile. But if it should be an .inc file "Include" so download it as .txt then change the extension of the file from .txt to .inc and paste it in your includes file.

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