Problem with SetPlayerSpecialAction

Hey, I got a problem with SetPlayerSpecialAction(playerb, SPECIAL_ACTION_CUFFED); it just won't work. I used the same function but instead of cuffed I used hanndsup and that one worked perfectly fine. So why won't this one work?

Show all the code...For instance whats *playerb*.

It has nothing to do with that, anyway..
pawn Код:
    new playerb,string[128];
    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pFaction] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_GREY,"** You aren't authorized to use this command. **");
    if(sscanf(params, "u", playerb)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "** /cuff [playerid] **");
    if(Cuffed[playerb] == 1) return SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_GREY,"** The player is cuffed already **");
    Handsup[playerb] = 0;
    return 1;
The code is unfinished it's pretty much a test command.

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