help me register problem and stucking

when i done class selection then it says map is loading please wait 5 seconds then it will be stuck

and when i register 1st time then again and again it is asking
do you know the solution

And how we'll know your code?

here it is lux admin
pawn Код:
// Request Register
    if(AccInfo[playerid][Registered] == 0 && ServerInfo[MustRegister] == 1)
        #if USE_DIALOGS == true
        new rstring[256];
        SetPlayerScore( playerid, GetPlayerScore( playerid ) + 1 );
        SendClientMessage(playerid, red, "NR:Gaming : You Got +1 Score [Only For New Players]");
        format(rstring,256,"Welcome to the '%s'\n\nAccount '%s' is not registred!\n\nEnter the password to Register your Account:",GetServerHostName(),pName(playerid));
        ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,DIALOGID+66,DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT,"Register Account",rstring,"Register","Quit");
        return 1;

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