MySQL -- Gallons


Stumbled across a problem again, let me explain.

I am storing decimal numbers inside a MySQL Database. They are automatically set as : 15.3. I load this into one of my vehicle variables that is assigned as a float. (Float:vGallons) Lowering them would be simple wouldn't it?
PHP код:
This does lower them but for some odd reason it sets itself as 15.199999 instead of 15.2. I've already tried to set my Gallons in my database to a varchar but no luck.

EDIT : It might be because they're assigned as a float. (The variable) but yeah.

If it bothers you that much, format it as "%.1f". This will truncate the fractional part to a single character.

Mind giving me an example?

EDIT : Nevermind, but formating vGallons to %.1f is not working...

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