Who can help me to recreate this


Make it yourself for fuck sake.

What is your problem Benzo

Why would you want to re-create something that has been made already?
Get inspiration off it, and start from scratch, if you do it yourself it will give you a feeling of succes.
And it will motivate you to script even more, and more complicated things, this adds challenge to scripting, which is the reason scripting is fun.

i dont want to recreate that but i have 1 problem Mr yvoms how i can remove the VIP access for that cars? as i can set that cars to my server vehicle dealer

@PiIIoW go to the link, and scroll down and you will find the download link for the car... (next time read the post carefully)

Dont be rude Threshold!

Thanks guyz!! i mean how i can remove the vip access of that script that script only vip can access how i can remove that any help

Originally Posted by SupaVZ
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Dont be rude Threshold!
This guy got banned on my server, evaded that ban. Came to SA-MP forums and created hundreds of topics requesting scripts instead of actually posting in the script request thread, got banned by the forum mods for spamming... ban evaded that by creating a new account and is now repeating the exact same thing he did last time. I personally can't wait for him to get re-banned, and there's no chance that I'm going to be 'nice' to him now. It seems that everywhere I go, this little twat follows me and annoys me.

Just so I don't get marked as going off-topic and spamming myself, all you need to do is follow the filterscript and edit it to your liking. But let me just forewarn you, requesting hundreds of different scripts and copying and pasting them all together is not going to work well in the end and nobody is going to like it. Good luck to you.

thats all Threshold? im asking a help not finding a war?!! so please dont be a rude please

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