Samp Favourite Server Problem

hello guys , actually i am facing a very rare problem i was off from my pc about 2 months in case of preparing exams but right after i got back this stupid problem occured my favourite server not working <<< other than i can play all servers and the server is online too i also tried to delete USERDATA.dat from docs but this also failed i also put off the firewall to confirm there isnt a port problem otherthan i have client 0.3z-R1 but that server keeps on showing
i have shares on the server but i cant just get on))) i tried everything reinstalling samp/gta etc Therfore i request a backup from u guys i really need ur help

HostName: (Retrieving info...)
Players: 0 / 0
Ping: 0

I located a bit more to this problem that my port 7820 is blocked , all servers from this port arent i need to know how to really clear this shit

hi guys,i have same problem, can someone help me 2 with this??

Seeing you're from Pakistan it could be because of your government blocking quite an amount of SA-MP servers, if so you should try using a VPN, but I'd suggest you ask the server owner for permission first.

yap quite right , vpn/proxxy working but how does only this port is closed 7820 else r running good)

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