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Hi everyone,i just created a new ******* channel for capturing my works and tutorials.I will start a new video series named coding freeroam gamemode.I want to start blank gamemode and code all of systems while recording video.Also i want to capture videos of shared filterscripts on forums for introduction them.Please subscribe and like my videos.

My videos will upload in 1-2 days.I record my all videos in turkish and english.

Here's a few pointers:

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to want to watch you type. 90% of the video is spent on waiting for you to finish a sentence.
The quality of your video is way too bad, I can hardly read what you're typing.
There's no sound. At all. It's completely quiet... (Now I don't say that adding some random soundtrack over it is the solution...)

I checked your first video, and although I don't know any Turkish, it was pretty bad. It took you over 8 minutes to explain how to download the server files and what everything is (sortof?), while it would take me 1-2 minutes to read it from a wiki-page. Why are you going to make a ******* serie when you're better off writing tutorials?

They was test and i was removed them.Sorry for this.I will upload new english commented videos in 1-2 days.


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